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At Bonita, we deeply care about the skin you're in, as well as the world we share. That’s why we exclusively use nylon, a natural man-made fabric, in all our activewear. Unlike polyester, which is petroleum-based, nylon is gentler on your skin and has a softer, more natural feel. For our sporty luxe women, this means a smoother, more comfortable wear with less irritation. Additionally, nylon has a lesser environmental impact during its production, making it a more planet-friendly choice. Choosing nylon is just one of the many ways we prioritise both your wellness and the well-being of our Earth.
Our Fabric Options
Dive into the confidence of Snatched, our high-compression, medium-thickness fabric giving you all over body confidence as it smooths you out and pulls you in. Tailored for women who desire that firm, snatched look & feel.
Composition: Nylon/Spandex blend
Feel: Super soft, snatched, medium thickness
Fit Advice: Opt for your standard size to achieve that snatched fit & feel. If you are between sizes or like a softer fit, size up. 


Revel in the embrace of Contour, our high-stretch, medium to lightweight fabric that moulds seamlessly to your physique showing off your curves without feeling restricted or pulled in. 
Composition: Nylon/Spandex 
Feel: Buttery soft, luxe 
Fit Advice: Choose your standard size for a comfortable fit. If you're between sizes or prefer a tighter feel, we recommend sizing down.
Introducing Breeze, our feather-light activewear designed for ultimate freedom of movement. Ideal for hot summer days when staying cool whilst being active is paramount. It’s like wearing swimwear, you know that barely-there super soft feel... yes that but in the form of activewear.
Composition: Nylon/Spandex
Feel: Light and airy, high stretch
Fit Advice: Perfect for that barely-there sensation. If you are between sizes or like more compression/support, we recommend to size down. 


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